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Namutso Lake

Nam Co is the highest lake in the world and is 4,718 meters above sea level. It is 72 kilomters long from east to west and 30 kilometers wide from south to north. It has an area of 1,940 square kilometers. Some 60 kilometers to the northwest of Damxung County seat, it is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and receives high respects among the local people. On the Tibetan year of sheep, pilgrims from faraway come here to walk around the lake. It takes more than 10 days to circle the lake once.

Legend has it that Nam Lake is the beautiful daughter of nearby Bam Lake. She was married to the Nyainqentanglha Mountains. As time went by, she could not stand the frigid weather and loneliness any longer and so, with a sad heart, threw all her jewels, ornaments, and necklaces into the lake. Thus it is said that there are boundless treasures at the bottom of Nam Lake.

Dzashi Monastery on Dzashi Peninsula in Nam Lake is a sacred place to Buddhists. Thousands of pilgrims travel a long way to worship here on the Tibetan New Year.

Five or seven tourists can hire a mini bus from Lhasa to go and back in three days for 1,700 -- 2,000 yuan. The journey takes eight hours. The Zhaxi Monastery by the lake provides lodging for 15 yuan each bed.